COVER STYL', an adhesive vinyl for your walls and furniture
Aesthetics, easy to apply, stretchable
Sun protection window film
To reduce heat, glare and reject infrared rays
Safety window film
Protect against breakage and shattered glass
Interior blinds
Offer privacy and light control
Decorative window film
If you need privacy or just decorate your windows

Acquamarina srl is a commercial company that markets a series of products for interior finishing and for safety.

The company was founded in 1988 by the transformation of the individual company Carletti Mario, which is still the only administrator.

The company has 4 websites, the most important is the others are and Through these sites we offer a wide range of products ranging from rubber floors, linoleum, laminates, wood, carpet, cork, etc. to wall coverings such as wallpaper, fabrics and vinyl ... to curtains and furnishing fabrics where we also offer the packaging service ...

In addition, a series of profiles, such as curtain rods and tracks, skirting boards of various kinds, wood, PVC, polyurethane, aluminum, etc.

A strong point of the company are the window films that are important. These films are used to protect glass against breakage, to reduce heat, for privacy and for interior wall furnishings ...

The company's philosophy is to always offer quality materials at an affordable price and to create human relationships with customers. Our goal is to be able to expand into the world and let us appreciate how we are in Italy ...

Our clientele is the most disparate, from private individuals to small and large companies, to public bodies such as schools, hospitals, municipalities, museums where we offer a series of safety products including anti-shock floors ...

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